Wheelin the Tower Ladder for a Seat Pleasant House.

Story from Kentland33.com:

At 1803 hrs units were alerted for a report of fire on the 2nd floor of a house at 7110 Fresno St. in Seat Pleasant. Engine 331 (4th Due Engine) and Tower Ladder 33 (2nd Due Special service) responded with 11 volunteers on the run. A short time later the Engine and Rescue Squad from Seat Pleasant (8) arrived to find a 1 ½ story single family home with smoke showing from the second floor. Soon after, Company 33 arrived with Engine 331 assuming the 3rd due responsibilities and stretching the 400’ 1 ½” attack line to side “C” Charlie. Tower Ladder 33’s crew went to work performing both interior and exterior duties simultaneously. Engine 331’s crew advanced the line to give a basement report and stretched up the interior stairs to back up Engine 81’s crew. Tower 33’s interior crew made their way through the basement also then up to the second floor to assist in the primary search and opening up. The exterior team threw multiple ladders, ventilated horizontally and opened up the roof. Crews found fire throughout the 2nd floor and aggressively knocked it down, opening up the knee walls and stopping any further extension. After 10 minutes the assignment was scaled back to the units from 8 and 33 to assist the investigators. Company 33 operated for just over an hour before returning to service.

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