Driving the Rescue Engine

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At 1233 hrs the rescue assignment was dispatched for the accident with one overturned on Central Avenue in the area of Garrett A Morgan Blvd. First arriving Engine 371 (Ritchie) arrived to find a multi-car accident with one overturned with a victim pinned inside and a second victim trapped in a separate vehicle approx 600 feet down the street. Due to the severity of the wreck and the resources required a second Rescue Squad was requested. Soon after Rescue Squad 33 arrived on the scene with 6 volunteers and went to work. With the amount of work to be done on separate vehicles the crews immediately split and began stabilization efforts on the over turned vehicle. Once this was completed half of the crew conducted a removal both drivers side doors and the B-post to remove the victim. While this was taking place utilizing the preconnected tools off the Rescue Engine, the second half of the crew made their way with the portable hydraulic tools to the other trapped victim. The crew removed the drivers side door of that vehicle to gain EMS crews access to the victim. With all extrication duties completed and both victims removed, the second Rescue Squad was returned to service prior to their arrival. The removed victims were transported by awaiting EMS personnel to area trauma centers and the Rescue Engine gathered their tools and returned to service.    

 RE Crew works on the overturned vehicle
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 B-post removal
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