As should always be the case when a brave brother makes the ultimate sacrifice, every effort was made to get up to Bridgeport to honor a former Kentland Fireman and Hero Lt. Steven Velasquez. It was a wonderfully sad but well done service and he will be greatly missed.

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Nearly 100 firefighters from the immediate Prince George’s County area attended the funeral services for Lieutenant Steven Velasquez and Fireman Michel Baik of the Bridgeport, Connecticut Fire Department. The services were held back-to-back in the vicinity of the downtown area. Thousands of firefighters traveled from all points of the North American Continent to assure a proper send off and pay their respects. Fire uniforms were seen from as far away as Seattle, Washington, Dallas, Texas and Calgary (Alberta), Canada. Members from the Prince George’s County Fire Department, Kentland Volunteer Fire Department and other volunteer departments from within Prince George’s County, Maryland were positioned front and center, next to the Bridgeport Fire Department contingent during the send off for Lieutenant Steven Velasquez. This was an honor and the members of the various departments in attendance would like to thank those individuals involved in the organizational process for the service. We will never forget the sacrifice by our fallen brothers. May they rest easy and their families feel no pain.

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