Believe it or not I was driving the Engine for this one.

Story from Kentland33.com

As units from Kentland 33 cleared a box alarm ( 1735 hours) at 5800 Annapolis Road in Bladensburg, an additional box alarm was transmitted for the house on fire and people trapped at 11005 Mount Lubentia Way in Company 46’s area (Kentland #2). Engine Company and Chief 33 responded on the run with a total of six volunteers. Engine Company 33 was alerted as the second due Engine Company. Engine Company 46 arrived within minutes to find a two-story, detached, home with smoke showing. Chief 33 arrived as the crew was stretching an attack line and established the “Mount Lubentia Way” Command. Engine Company 33 arrived just after Truck Company 37 and secured Engine Company 46’s supply line. The crew aboard Engine Company 33 stretched the 250-foot pre-connect and proceeded in to back-up Engine Company 46. Fire was found in the kitchen area and quickly extinguished by the first due engine. Engine Company 33’s crew re-positioned their attack line to the second floor and checked for vertical extension. With negative results, Chief 33 scaled the incident back to Engine Companies 46, 33 and Truck Company 37. Volunteers from Kentland 33 returned to service within an hour.

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