Coming back to Kentland from a dinner out I get a text message alert for a house fire on East Forest Road. I was only a few streets away, pulled up to find the back of the house off. Got dressed in my throw down set of gear from the bed of my truck (don’t leave home without it;) ) and went in with 9 when they got there curtesy of the wagon drivers facepiece and pack. Good times.

Story from Kentland

Just before midnight, a box alarm was transmitted for the house on fire at 8403 Oglethorpe Street in East Lanham, Maryland. Engine Company and Truck Company 33 responded on that alarm with 10 volunteers. The Engine from 33 arrived to assume the 3rd due Engine Company responsibilities, laid a supply line in and staged per Command. As units were released, an additional box alarm was transmitted for 7213 East Forest Road in Company 33’s first due. Since units from 33 were still assigned to the initial box alarm, they were not originally due on the East Forest Road run. Crews quickly readied themselves and requested to respond on the first due alarm. Permission was granted and companies headed back to Kentland. Knowing that the Engine Company would be unable to arrive first, the OIC prepared to be placed 3rd due. Within minutes first arriving units reported a two-story “double” with fire in the rear. Truck Company 33 was the first arriving special service and operated accordingly. The interior crew began a search of the fire address and opened-up in the process. The outside crew placed portable ladders and ventilated sides “A” and “B”. Engine Company 33 arrived and completed the third due Engine Company responsibilities, laying a secondary supply line and advancing an attack line to the rear. Once in the rear, the crew assisted with extinguishment, checked for a basement entrance and made entry into the exposure. The crew advanced to the second floor and found extension in the roof area and pipe chase. All visible fire was knocked down within 15 minutes. Within 30 minutes, Command held Companies 33, 9 and 8. All members returned to service within two and a half hours.

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