Here is a good one, just got back into the station as the Rescue Engine was on the air. First Due house fire and the Rescue’s pump was busted. Brought the Mini-pumper for the fellas and they knocked her down very nicely.

Below story as seen on Kentland 33:

As early signs of tropical storm Nicole made their way through the DC Metro area, the volunteers from Kentland answered several calls aboard the Rescue Squad before heading over to Barlow Rd for fuel. As the 6th gallon made it’s way into the tank, the crew along with other units from surrounding areas were alerted for a investigation of a chimney at 2205 Matthew Henson Ave, just blocks from their location. The Rescue Squad responded with 5 volunteers and arrived to find a 1 story duplex with smoke showing from the rear and attic area, passing command. With no crew in quarters for an Engine company the Squad crew immediately worked to complete a primary search, position ladders without venting and hold the fire in check as long as possible with water cans. With the on scene report communications upgraded the assignment. Just moments later, Mini-Pumper 33 and Chief 33arrived on scene, establishing the Matthew Henson Command. Members from the Mini-Pumper and Rescue Squad 33 advanced the 1 ½ attack line from the mini-pumper into the home, knocking down all visible fire in the back rooms and porch area. With fire extending into the attic the crew worked quickly to pull ceilings and knock down any remaining fire in the space. As other units arrived they went to work opening up the roof and void spaces and deploying back up lines, stopping the fires extension. With the fire under control the assignment was scaled back to the units from Kentland to assist the investigators. After overhaul units returned to service.        

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