My Hero

 My Hero, My Friend, My Brother

Cpl. Kirk Bosselmann

Scout Sniper, 1/8th Marines


On November 27, 2004 units with the 1st Battalion 8th Marines were operating house to house inside the Iraqi city of Falluja. Cpl. Kirk Bosselmann was the scout position of a two man Scout/ Sniper team providing roof top support to a small group of marines clearing homes. The fighting in the city had reached its fiercest of the war, now an enemy once faceless cowards hiding behind roadside IED’s and suicide bombers was forced to deal directly with Marines face to face. Throughout the morning Marines took on heavy fire from insurgents backed into the last corner of the city, yet continued forward. As Marines on the ground entered a home, they were met with a waiting ambush, pinning down the group. Cpl. Bosselmann provided cover from adjacent roof tops as he and his partner tried to relieve some pressure on the ground. As this was going on, they noticed several groups of insurgents moving into surrounding homes to try and flank the Marines. Seeing this, the two man team repositioned, fired and moved again. Jumping roof top to roof top to gain a position on the enemy, they operated on the roof of homes filled with insurgents, firing then moving again. Heroically, without thought of their own safety, Bosselmann and his partner recorded multiple confirmed kills and allowed pinned down marines the chance to return fire, all while operating on insurgent filled homes and taking enemy fire from multiple locations. As the team was moving to yet another rooftop, Cpl Bosselmann was struck and killed by enemy small arms fire. His brothers worked quickly and swiftly to neutralize the insurgents threat and to remove his body from the hot zone. Without his heroic sacrifice, many marines would have died that day. 

Let us all remember the brave actions of our dear friend and true American hero, Cpl. Kirk Bosselmann and use his bravery and selfless sacrifice as a guide in each of our lives. “Freedom isn’t Free”

For more on Kirk and his role in shaping Patriot LWM CLICK HERE

To see a CNN Documentary featuring Kirk CLICK HERE

  1. Great tribute to great men. Hard to keep a dry eye watching the whole “AoG” series.

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