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The following is a repost from for the fire we had last tour. A bunch of interesting talking points came out of this fire so I will try to post some stuff up in the next week or so. My helmet cam footage as the Tillerman is pretty dark so I doubt I will have anything video related.

Fire Showing from Side C-Charlie

The East End Crew with Chief Del Balzo on what might be his last fire with DC

Story from 30 Engine:

Just after 2100 hrs units with the second and third battalion were alerted for the report of a building fire at 5105 F St. SE. Engine 30 arrived on the scene and reported a 3 story garden style apartment building with smoke showing from the roof area. Truck 17 arrived just behind them and were greeted by several residents stating that there were people trapped on the upper floors. As the Engine crew advanced the 200ft 1 1/2″ preconnected handline into the building Truck 17s crew worked to ladder the building and vent the structure. Interior crews located a room off in an apartment on the second floor (although labeled 102) and made quick work of it. Rescue Squad 3 removed one patient with smoke inhalation from a top floor apartment (labeled 204). Although a second alarm was requested it was quickly returned as the incident was deemed under control. Truck 17 with the help of Engine 30 and Engine 8 (RIT) threw 175′ of ground ladders to the building with Truck 16 and Engine 27 laddering the rear with additional ladders. Great job by all crews involved especially Battalion Fire Chief #2 Del Balzo who celebrated his retirement just that very afternoon with the fellas of East End.