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On Wednesday, April 27th, 2011, Prince George’s County Maryland held its 34th annual Public Safety Luncheon to honor the County’s Police, Sheriff, Fire/EMS, Corrections and Homeland Security members. The event was hosted by County Executive Rushern L. Baker III and MC’d by Wisdom Martin and Paul Wagner of Fox 5 news DC. Among the honored recipients were Joe Brown, a Volunteer Captain with the Kentland Volunteer Fire Department and Tony Kelleher, the Chief of Kentland. Joe received a Silver Medal of Valor and Tony received a Bronze Medal of Valor for there actions at an apartment fire on April 26th, 2010. 

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Video & Training Tips from House Fire with One Trapped

Here is an older video and article thats on both Traditions Training and Fire Engineering blogs.

TT Instructor Joe Brown created this video of operations at a first floor fire last tour with a civilian rescued from the second floor.  While some of the video is dark, what should be emphasized in this situation is the communication between crews.

The rescue of a civilian is an exciting event.  Our primary mission is to save lives and when a victim is located it can tend to draw others away from their tasks.  You will notice in this video that when the victim is located, assistacne is given to the victim removal where needed but the other tasks continue, and when the victim is removed everyone get’s back to work. We must remember that a successful fireground results from a coordinated series of events — everyone has a job to do and must do it.  If someone drops their task, the entire fireground falls apart.

At present, all accounts are that the victim is hospitalized and will make a full recovery.  Job well done to the members of DCFD Engine 30 / Truck 17, Platoon #1!

TT Instructors Receive Awards for Valor

As seen on the Traditions Training Blog:

Congratulations are in order for Traditions Training instructor Joe Brown, who was recognized last week for his role in rescuing Prince George’s County firefighter Daniel McGown.  Brown (left), a Captain with the Kentland Vol. Fire Department, was the officer of Rescue Engine 33 operating at a house fire in April 2009.  While performing a search, he heard an activated PASS device and quickly located FF McGown at the entrance to the fire room, who was unconscious and without a face piece.  Brown quickly transmitted a MAYDAY, packaged FF McGown, and removed him to a window where other members of RE-833 assisted in utilizing a “Denver Drill” style maneuver Lito take him out the window. Last week, Capt. Brown was awarded a Gold Medal of Valor by the Prince George’s County Fire Department for his actions at this incident.

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Tony Kelleher (right), also a TT instructor, is the Chief of Kentland and received a bronze medal of valor for his actions as the incident commander in managing and coordinating the rescue effort and the house fire simultaneously. Thankfully, despite life threatining injuries, FF McGown has made a full recovery and is back on the job.

This succuessful rescue is another testement to the value of a constant COMBAT READY attitude and excellent training.

Well done, men! You make us proud!

Link to PGFD Story on the Awards & Incident

Link to Kentland VFD Story on the Fire


The April issue of Fire Engineering sporting a nostalgic cover in celebration of the history of the “National Fireman’s Journal” also referenced 2 members from the Kentland Volunteer Fire Department. In the article “The Two-Team Truck Company”  Kentland Volunteer Nick Martin looks at maximizing efficiency and accomplishing essential truck company tasks during the attack phase of a structural fire in true Kentland fashion.

This issue also contains Tower Ladder Captain Joe Browns nomination for the prestigious 2010 Ray Downey Courage & Valor Award. Captain Brown was nominated for his actions during the rescue of an unconscious fellow firefighter during a 2009 house fire.

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Just after 0200 hours, the box alarm was transmitted for the house on fire at #87 Herrington Drive in the Kettering section of Largo, Maryland. The assignment consisted of Engine Companies 46, 37, 33 and 8, Truck Companies 5, 26 and Rescue Squad 33. Engine 331, Rescue Squad 33, Chief 33 and Chief 33A responded on the run with a total of 11 volunteers. Engine Company 46 arrived within minutes to find an auto on fire with extension to a two-story home…

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Side C- Charlie of Herrington Drive


As seen on Kentland

Just after 0200 hours, Prince Georges Fire Communications began to receive 911 calls reporting that a house was on fire on Fairwood Road near Cooper Lane in Landover Hills. Within seconds, the Box Alarm was struck out including Engines 301, 332, Res. Eng. 33 and Engine 92, Tower 33, Truck 28 and Truck 9. After the initial alarm was sounded more calls came flooding in about the house fire, communications came back and advised now reporting numerous persons trapped. Engine 301 arrived and reported heavy fire showing and confirmed that people were trapped. Units from Kentland arrived right behind the Engine from 30 and rapidly went to work. Tower Ladder 33 (with 6 Volunteers) arrived as E30 was stretching the initial attack line. Firefighter Joe Brown (barman TW33) entered the heavily involved living room (from the front door) without protection of a hoseline and made his way to the rear bedroom area. Just after FF Brown entered the structure the fire enveloped the doorway and extended down the hall removing the firefighter�s primary egress. Unable to enter the structure from the front, the remaining Tower Ladder crew took ladders to the rear to gain access to the trapped occupants. After a quick sweep, FF Brown located an unconscious 6 year old child in a rear bedroom. The outside vent crew from the Tower Ladder threw a 24-foot ladder to the same area that Firefighter Brown had located the victim. Firefighter Brown took out the window and handed the child out to Tower Ladder 33 Firefighter James Carpenter and Lt. Roger Steger. The child was then rushed to EMS personnel. As that rescue took place the crew from Engine 332 advanced their 400-foot preconnect to the front door while the Rescue Engine pulled a back up line. The crew quickly made entry and knocked down the heavy fire conditions in the home and protected firefighters searching for occupants in the rear bedrooms. During the fire, another child was found in the original fire room and pronounced priority 4 (D.O.A.). Two other occupants (one child and one adult) were also seriously injured. Chief 33 (Mattison) as Battalion Chief 1 had the Command. The fire is still under investigation and as of the time this article was published, the rescued 6 year old is still alive but in critical condition. Our thoughts and prayers are with the child and his family.  View a local news story about this incident here. Command : Command

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